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With so many types of bed and mattress available today it can be very difficult to work out what the right choice would be.

The key part of any bed is the mattress, that's the bit you sleep on that's the bit that takes the wear, it has to give you the right support but at the same time be comfortable to you as an individual. No two people are the same, each person will have a preference as to what level of softness or firmness they find comfortable.

How do you decide which bed is the right bed?

Talk to the sales assistant, give as much information as you can, list any physical problems you may have along with any personal preferences you need such as overall comfort, storage drawers, size etc. The more information you are able to give the more likely you are to purchase the right bed or mattress for you.

Test the bed, take your coat off and lay on the bed properly, try to lay in the positions you would normally adopt, side ~ back ~ stomach, ask for a pillow you find comfortable and take it with you as you try different beds. Lay there for a little while to allow the mattress to settle and conform under your body.

To summarize

Look at your existing mattress and list what you don't like about it.

Decide if you need more storage space which your new bed may be able to provide.

Have a rough idea of the type of comfort and support you feel you need.

Ask the sales assistant for his or her opinion and guidance but use your own judgment, after all you are the one sleeping in it.

Have a rough idea of how much you would like to spend but try to be a little flexible on spending more if you feel it's worth it.

Above all TRY BEFORE YOU BUY you should not buy a mattress from a picture.
Generally pocket sprung mattresses are considered to be one of the best options, in most cases you will find a minimum of 1000+ individually pocketed springs that conform to the shape of your body, this compared to a normal bonnell open coil mattress that typically has 300 to 600 springs, you must also remember that these springs are connected to each other and so do not shape to your body as well as pocket springs.

Time has shown that for the majority of people a pocket sprung bed/mattress is not only the most comfortable and durable option but also the safest choice
So what type of mattress should you have?
Standard open coil Bonnell springs.
The most recognisable mattress type is the open coil bonnell sprung mattress, this mattress would be made up of approximately 300 to 600 spring held together with a small helical spring at the top and bottom of each main support coil. It is a cheaper alternative and often found in beds and mattresses below £300.
What about memory foam?
Memory foam is a fantastic product, it's ability to conform to more or less any shape put onto it along with it's pressure relieving attributes make it a perfect support filling in a mattress. If you suffer from poor circulation, Arthritis, trapped nerves, lower back pain etc it could be the perfect solution.

Memory foam has moved on over the years, the latest versions require less heat to work and as a result are a lot cooler than the original versions, you will also find that most mattresses have a heat dissipating outer cover to further reduce any heat retention.
The Latex option.
Latex is another option worth considering, this is a form of rubber that in it's natural form comes from the Pará rubber tree although Talalay latex is more commonly used in today's mattresses and other products, Talalay latex is a mix of natural rubber and other chemicals which is then aerated and injected into a mould. The process results in a more responsive material better suited for use in products designed for comfort and support.

It is possible to get hybrid latex mattresses that have springs or hi density foam under a layer of latex.
There are many different hybrid mattresses on the market today, you will find combinations of Pocket springs with memory foam or latex or natural fillings, this is also true for open coil mattresses.
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